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Rianna Sanchez

Rianna Sanchez is passionate about educating others on how to best steward their body through nutrition and lifestyle. With her Masters in Clinical Nutrition (MScN) Rianna is equipped with the knowledge of nutrition needed to educate and coach you into choosing what your body specifically needs to feel its best. Rianna believes that the body knows how to heal itself, and by assisting you with your dietary needs she can support you on your journey towards healing.

She has a love for teaching those around her how to cook, how to eat for their specific bodily needs, how to grocery shop and how to become more confident about making wise nutrition choices. With her Bachelors Degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Central Florida and her Masters Degree in Clinical Nutrition from the National University of Natural Medicine, Rianna is prepared to guide you in your nutrition and lifestyle choices.  Rianna’s passion for nutrition and holistic medicine is the fruit of a powerful story of change through nutrition. 10 years ago, Rianna developed an undiagnosed and unexplainable chronic illness. After years of worsening illness progression, to the point of being unable to walk and using a wheelchair, with no answers on how to feel better, she found answers, relief and lasting change through holistic medicine and nutrition at Holistic Options.

Rianna learned that nutrition was a critical element of health and wellness that she was missing out on. By learning to feed her body what it needed, she was able to set her body on the course for change. This life-altering experience influenced the course of her education towards nutrition and holistic medicine, with the goal of educating others on the habits that saved her own life.

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