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Nutritional IV Therapy

Aging is inevitable. The effects of aging are not necessarily inevitable. IV nutritional therapy as a component of anti-aging medicine aims to achieve optimal cellular health in individuals. This is achieved by early detection, prevention, treatment, and reversal of age-related dysfunction, disorders, and diseases. The end goal of IV nutritional therapy as a component of anti-aging medicine is to help ensure that whatever years of life we have on this planet are enjoyed productively and vitally. IV nutritional therapy is part of a philosophy of integrative, holistic medicine. This approach strives for an understanding of the fundamental causes of a problem and treating the underlying dysfunction and not just the symptoms. Symptom only treatment does not necessarily address the underlying problem.

The human body is constantly repairing itself from the effects of free radical formation brought on by oxidative stress. As we age the efficiency of our natural repair mechanism becomes less effective. IV nutritional therapy attempts to aid the body in its natural repair and regenerative processes. This is repair and the regenerative process takes place at the cellular level. The preservation of cellular health is what will ultimately maintain systemic health. When cellular processes begin to fail then cellular death ensues and eventually extends to the death of the entire organism. “Protecting cellular nutrition is the single most important life-sustaining and promoting measure we can take to guarantee optimal health.” The Science and Art of Parenteral Clinical Nutrition, Ghen/Patel, 2012.

In our modern and affluent society, we are subjected to nutritional poor processed foods, genetically modified and preservative laced foods, and foods that contain traces of herbicides and pesticides. In addition to poor nutrition, we are subjected to radiation and environmental pollution. As a result, there is an acceleration of the development of free radicals that can blunt our natural immune response and lead to disease. IV nutritional therapy is an effective instrument for detoxifying the body and optimizing good health. It has the potential to be a life-promoting and sustaining therapy.

At IV Nutritional Therapy of Lake Mary we meet with patients individually, assess their needs, and tailor therapy accordingly. We offer therapy for immune support, nutritional support, and cancer support (not cancer treatment but support for maximizing nutritional and immune status). IV nutritional therapy can be effective for muscle and joint pain and fatigue states. In summary, when you maximize your own body's ability to repair and regenerate then many of the symptoms of so-called disease states improve or resolve.


Dr. James Snyder D.O.

Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

IV Therapy of Lake Mary

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