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Heavy Metal Testing

Heavy Metals can disrupt every single biochemical function in the body. Every person today is exposed to an excessive amount of heavy metals from our environment, food, water, skin contact, or inhalation. Micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses will use heavy metals to proliferate.


If you detoxify micro-organisms and you do not remove the heavy metals simultaneously, these critters will be back within just two or three weeks. Every person must have their heavy metal load assessed. Blood tests are not reliable tests for a heavy metal burden. Typically the body stores metals in fatty tissue and the brain.

This Heavy Metal test we use will test simultaneously by a blood spot and urine. Heavy Metals and Essential Elements affect different systems of the body so they must be tested separately with different body fluids. Inquire about this test by calling our office today!

Mojka Renaud, L.N., A.P.
Licensed Nutritionist / Acupuncture Physician

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