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Nutritional Counseling

Holistic Options utilizes cutting edge technology, experts in European and Eastern medicine, and comprehensive analysis to bring you the most informed reports on your health. Through nutritional counseling, various screening procedure, and specific analytic testing, patients will be better informed about their health.

There are various modalities available to assess a person’s nutritional needs. Blood testing is the least desirable form to determine a patient’s nutrient status. We, therefore, apply several different modalities which will be determined upon each person’s biochemical analysis by whatever method our skilled practitioner feels is most appropriate for the particular patient.

We are hesitant to recommend too many vitamin supplements just to cover nutritional deficiencies. We specialize in improving digestion and the metabolic functions of the person first, such as removing microbes and parasites that can interfere with the assimilation and absorption of nutrients from food. This will ensure a much better outcome and longer lasting health benefits. Diet and lifestyle are thoroughly evaluated and the diet most appropriate for that person and their biochemical need is indicated. A diet could be chosen from as many as 25 different options. Frequently, we rely on this information by LSA (Limbic Stress Analysis) or EDS. This modality gives the practitioner an instant and most current and time appropriate biochemical assessment of the patient.


This form of testing may take 1 to 2 and a half hours. As the body is constantly looking for homeostasis(balance), adjustments in nutritional protocols, as a patient improves, are needed, sometimes every month until the health of a person is more stable. With these changes, the need for nutritional supplements constantly changes. In most cases herbs, homeopathic, or vitamins are used no longer than a 2 or 3-month period. Re-evaluation is extremely important at this point. We strive to bring a person through detoxification, then rebalance, and lastly, into a regeneration phase. Patients in a regeneration phase, especially those that travel from far, will typically need to be re-evaluated once or twice per year.

We have been working on this method of health balancing for over 20 years and have found that this is the most effective method to bring an ailing person back into balance.

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