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Evox Perception Reframing

” I have been seeing Debra Cornell for the EVOX sessions and it has been a life-changing experience. Let me begin by saying that Debra is an extremely compassionate person and very easy to talk to. After just one EVOX session, I felt the tension melt away from my neck and shoulders. As the week went on, I noticed I reacted more calmly to stressful situations, stopped dwelling on the past, and felt more at the moment. The best part is that I was on a ton of holistic medicine and it was cut in half!

Since then, it was a “no brainer” to go back for the Trans-generational Series which addressed all of my family members. As a result, it has helped me to deal with family members that used to cause me stress. It has also helped my relationships with friends and co-workers. Since doing the EVOX sessions, I have noticed positive changes in every area of my life.

I can not think of one person I know that couldn’t benefit from EVOX. I highly recommend it to everyone!”



Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

”I suffered from hundreds of undiagnosed food allergies for almost 20 years. This left me with Autonomic Nervous System Dysfunction and a severely overworked and worn out lymphatic system. I have been receiving weekly lymphatic drainage massages from Holistic Options for several months now and they have made a tremendous difference in reducing my swelling and overall discomfort. Their knowledge and understanding of my health issues have made the experience even more comfortable for me.”

Alexandra M

Digital Infrared Thermography

“I actually began to wonder if my pain was real. With all of the tests I’d had, surely one should have shown some reason for my pain. With the DITI scan, my doctor, my family, and I can see the cause of my pain, and now I know I’m not crazy”.

Newcastle DITI patient

BioEnergetic Medicine

“.Electrodermal methods in the hand of an experienced professional gives a far superior total profile of food tolerance and intolerance than blood tests.”The Canary and Chronic Fatigue.

Majid Ali, M.D.

What Customers Are Saying

My name is Dina, and I had the great fortune to discover Mojka through my mom who has been a patient with Mojka for nearly 25 years. I owe my life and livelihood to Mojka as she has guided me through breast cancer not once, but twice. Both times were caught extremely early thanks to her knowledge on DITI, or digital thermography screenings. Her skill also with the computron machine led her to see signs of cancer well before Western medicine could detect anything. Because of her knowledge I was able to choose a holistic option, as the name of her business suggests, as treatment.


Every visit with Mojka, no matter what is discovered was, and is, always followed up with her reassurance that with correct treatment, everything can be reversed or managed via homeopathy, herbs and supplements. Mojka empowers people to have control of their health. With her guidance and wisdom I have grown into the healthiest version of myself mind, body, soul. I know how to care for my body and to give it what it needs.


Mojka you know you are one of my greatest inspirations. Your love and dedication to helping people heal is astounding. As an entrepreneur and business owner I can see her constant research to stay on the cutting edge of holistic health care is unparalleled. She has a heart to serve humanity and for that, Mojka I applaud you. You are one of those people who is changing the world one person at a time. In a time where so much is uncertain you light the way to wholeness in every way.


There are no words to thank you enough for your selfless service to human kind. I pray for continued success in business and in your personal life. May God continue to bless you, protect you, and uplift you with strength to continue to help others. I wish I was here to present this speech via video or live in person. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and hug you from Greece. Because of you I’m thriving in my life and business and teaching retreats in this moment in my village in Greece. I love you dearly and pray for many more years on this planet for you. God Bless.


Love, Dina

Eleven years ago, my youngest son was dying.


Several years earlier, Enoch had begun losing his balance, and I didn’t understand why. He was about a year and a half, and, apart from asthma, had always seemed like a normal baby. But he continued to get worse. He lost the progress he had made toward walking because his legs shook too much. He began falling over while sitting, which had never happened before. His legs grew scaly and swelled to twice their normal size. Eventually his feet bulged so much that I couldn’t fit shoes on his feet.

Our pediatrician laughed off the problem. The swelling was only eczema. He couldn’t walk because he had gotten lazy from so many people in the family carrying him around. Even when I told her, “I feel like I’m losing my child,” she did not take me seriously.

When I found out that I could take Enoch to Johns Hopkins without a doctor’s referral, I hoped we would find help there. Soon Enoch was undergoing test after test as the physicians at Hopkins tried to figure out what might be wrong with him. But the tests kept coming back negative. In the end, it was impossible to diagnose Enoch with anything, but two of the doctors he saw there said, independently of each other, that he had most likely been injured by a reaction to one of his vaccines. Unfortunately, there was nothing they could do about the damage.

We switched local pediatricians, and the new pediatrician recognized how serious Enoch’s condition was. About two years had passed since his vaccine injury, and he continued to grow worse. His hair—which had been blond—was turning white, and his liver was failing. His body would not process nutrients. Eventually the pediatrician said that he needed to be put on a feeding tube. I asked for a week to think about it while my family went on a trip. It was on that trip that I finally met an answer to prayer. A woman noticed how sick Enoch seemed, and she asked about him. She told me that she knew someone who could help us—Mojka.

I had tried holistic remedies on Enoch before, as well as chiropractic care, but neither had worked. But the woman, Angela, assured me that Mojka had treated vaccine injury cases before, and that she might still be able to help Enoch, as sick as he was. I contacted Mojka, and she warned me that Enoch was close to the point at which even she couldn’t do anything for him. Thankfully, an appointment cancellation allowed me to fly down to Florida sooner than we expected. Mojka examined Enoch and put him on holistic medicines and a strict diet. Enoch began to improve immediately. We were only in Florida for a few days, but by the time I came back home, the swelling in his legs had gone down. He continued to improve—his hair returned to its normal color, his liver started working again, and he grew stable enough to walk independently.

There is no question in my mind that Mojka saved Enoch’s life. And she has been a tremendous help in the years since then, as Enoch continues to deal with some lingering neurological challenges. Her eagerness to share her knowledge has allowed me to learn so much. I am deeply grateful for everything she has done for Enoch and for our family, and I will always thank God that we met her when Enoch needed her most.


Karen Sue Johnston

Dear Mojka,


A tremendous debt we all owe to you for your stellar holistic care of us over all these decades! I distinctly remember my 1st visit to you in the 90s. My skepticism was a bit high but when you diagnosed the feline parasite in my pancreas based on my barefoot presence in my house, I was pleasantly surprised and shocked!


Now almost entering my 70th year, I am blessed to respond that at this time I am not taking any prescribed medications from the Western medical system. Of course we use them when absolutely necessary, but our overall health is much better than most 35-year-olds these days.


To be sure, this excellent current state of affairs is in a large measure due from your help and guidance and wisdom. I am humbly grateful, and thank the Lord Jesus Christ frequently for you and your team there at Holistic Options.


Both Sharron and I join with you in the 30th anniversary celebration of your practice! Keep up the great work… And I think were due to see you very soon again.

Marc  White

Dear Mojka:


Thank you for your tireless efforts to keep me alive all these years. Without your help I would still be allergic to everything confined to my house.

Leukemia would have taken my life 30 years ago. Not to mention the other cancers that you found and cured.

Not to be forgotten the dreaded lung disease I picked up in Mexico.

Youre a blessing to all your patients. I’m sorry if I didn’t express my gratitude over the years.


Patricia P.

Mojka Saved My Life from Mercury Poisoning from My Dental Fillings


Sometime in 2004, I decided I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.  I had a hair sample test done that revealed high levels of Mercury.  After proceeding with a 24 hour Mercury Challenge test, those results revealed levels so high that I was determined to be "legally mercury toxic" as though I was exposed to a Mercury spill that is cleaned up in Hazmat suits.


I was desperate to find an alternative doctor that could help me, as traditional medicine doesn't know how to treat Mercury poisoning. I had difficulty speaking multiple syllable words, barely could make it to the bedroom on the 2nd floor, had difficulty taking heavy, wet laundry from the washer to the dryer.  I was spraining something every 4 months and was constantly in physical therapy.  The wife of my Physical Therapist found Mojka, Holistic Options, in Lake Mary Florida.  Although I live in Pennsylvania, I was determined to get my health back and traveled 4 times a year for my appointments in Florida,


Mojka's complete body scans are the world's best alternative medicine.  It virtually saved my life!!!  The protocols with homeopathic drops, herbal drainers and pharmaceutical-grade supplements were the magic that I needed.   She started me off with juicing organic collards, kale, chard, mustard greens and adding just 1/2 a Granny Smith apple to make it palatable.  After 3 months of juicing, I wore out my personal juicer and I needed to replace it with a professional one.  Because of her background in Nutrition, she's the complete package!!  When I began the protocol, I felt worse before getting better.  Scared, I called her.  She responded quickly with passion and assurance; stating this was a result of my body moving heavy toxins and that it would get better. 


I have been faithful to my protocols for greater than 15 years and now have my sessions with a cradle call, using my sister's hand cradle.  I had secured my degree in Nursing as "the mature student in the class".  

Today, at 69 years old, I remain highly active going to the gym 4-5 times weekly, mowing the 1 acre lawn, house painting, gardening... simply put, in love with life again!!


I can't say enough about her highest level of training and experience on the Zyto equipment.  The printout is helpful and sent with the protocol and order of supplements.  I owe my love of life to Mojka.  Thank you Mojka!




Shirley White

Mojka Renaud,


Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I am very grateful for your care since October 1998. After 21 years of your care, I am still alive. Eleven years after a neurologist said I would not be here. Sorry, I won't be able to make your 30 years of practice celebration. I am ever so grateful that we have shared my journey together and over turned many challenges with natural medicine. 

Sincerely yours, 

Amy E. Nico 

“Early Detection Saves Lives”

DITI’s role in breast cancer and other breast disorders is to help in early detection and monitoring of abnormal physiology and the establishment of risk factors for the development or existence of cancer. When used with other procedures the best possible evaluation of breast health is made.


I still remember the first time we met in your little office in the Chiropractor's office 35 years ago.

Our meeting has changed my life forever.  In our probably 60+ meetings over the years, your diagnosis of my body/organ issues, nutrition and supplement needs... probably will extended my life and quality another 15 years beyond what it would normally be.  

Plus over the last 2 years Bemer has helped me to dramatically change my life as well and many others who have learned from me and my spark of enthusiasm you impregnated in me.

Probably every month I tell 2 people about you and your amazing practice and staff.  I am all natural because of you and only once taken a drug in those 35 years since I started learning from you.

I am Christian Health Evangelist.  Thanks for allowing God to use all these years.

You are one of my best confidants.

Blessings to you and your staff.


God Speed, John

Dear Holistic Options


“Thank you” are words that do not describe how grateful we are. Mojka gave us our lives back, walked us through our highs and lows, and gave us tools to have healthy and happy lives. Mojka and all her staff members made every appointment and phone call make you feel that you were the only patient, and every question was answered.

To all the staff, you are very appreciated, and thank you for going beyond to your clients.



Ann Howard Browne & Bazil Howard-Browne

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