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Jaden Ramirez


With several years in customer service roles and a deep love and respect for Holistic medicine, Jaden effectively manages administrative duties and client relations for Dr. Mojka Renaud and her colleagues at Holistic Options. She ensures the smooth operation of the clinic with her knowledge of office management and efficient handling of client inquiries, phone calls, emails, scheduling, and files. Hers is the voice you will hear when you phone Holistic Options. She is always happy to assist you on your alternative health journey.

Jaden is enthusiastic about her journey in the balance between the mind and body and practicing alternative and holistic medical modalities in her daily life.  She is currently pursuing her degree in Marketing so she can help businesses like Holistic Options and others display their wonderful services to the world. Outside of school and work she enjoys volunteering at an equine therapy center, cooking natural meals and spending time with her family and animals.

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