Can a Person Become Overly Alkaline?

Here is my response to the question asking whether Kangen Water can give someone diabetes and hurt their pancreas. Also, can consistently drinking Kangen Water cause a person to become too alkaline?

Kangen Water has been in the top Japanese Hospitals for 45 years. If there had been an issue we would have definitely heard about it. Look at the world renowned Doctors who use it and recommend it as well. Kangen Water is endorsed by 6,500 Doctors in Japan. If there had been such a problem it would have surfaced sometime in the 45 years of its’ use.

Thus far, over 200 drugs have been linked to causing diabetes. Kangen water pulls out the toxins from the body and the residue from these pharmaceutical drugs. Kangen Water can actually prevent damage to the pancreas for that reason alone.

Our diet is 70-80% or more acidic. The foods we eat are not pure and they are processed. We are also exposed to an avalanche of chemicals from our environment and water. The body has to store all of that acidic waste in the fat cells of the body and this is why we have so much obesity in the United States. At the same time, people who drink Kangen Water become more alkaline and can actually lose weight and feel so much better. We need to counter balance all of this acidity with Japanese Restructured Ionized Water (Kangen Water). There is no way your body can become overly alkaline by drinking Kangen Water.

In my 33 years of practice as a Clinical Nutritionist I have never seen a patient who has become overly alkaline. Our body would naturally stop wanting to drink the Kangen Water if it felt that it was getting overly alkaline. What actually happens is that you start craving it and naturally become more thirsty. There is an innate intelligence that tells our body that more alkaline water is needed.

Distilled water and reverse osmosis water have been stripped of their minerals which results in minerals being leached from your body. If you put mineral drops in these types of water you can’t control the mineral types or amounts. You certainly cannot duplicate mother nature. Some minerals you need more of and some you need less. If any of them are in excess you then have heavy minerals/metals. This happens especially easily with iron, copper, selenium, aluminum, even calcium…etc, which can lead to changes in the brain and many other conditions. A person would need to get tested quite regularly to make sure this is not occurring in their body.

I think it is interesting that medical doctors who have no nutritional education can make a statement about nutrition when that is not their field. Doctors have no training in nutrition. They only have one short course of dietetics in their years of study and, as we all know, dietetics has nothing to do with nutrition. It would be like me making a statement on a surgery procedure. I think it is important to consider the source when there is an incorrect, negative comment.

The bottom line is: Everyone Needs Clean Kangen Water. I have used it and recommended it in my Clinic for over 3 years to all of my patients as a primary source for cleansing and carrying nutrients into the cells. Those patients who drink Kangen Water are far healthier and recover much more quickly from their health challenges. As far as the pancreas, I have actually witnessed a markedly positive effect in controlling and improving diabetes.

Mojka Renaud L.N., A.P.
Licensed Nutritionist/Acup.Physician

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