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The Worst Food That Causes Aging and Damages Organs

We all know already that’s,4gak causes inflammation, diabetes, cancer, obesity, Alzheimer’s and many,ther,diseases. However, this so called “healthy food” is promoted by giant food corporations aZa health food.

Wheat based, foods and Whole Wheat.

Due to biochemical reactions in ydur body daily with every food you eat, some foods age you .,faster and can make you look 10 years’,her, while foods that are the healthier choices can “make you look 10 years younger. WISen we talk about aging, we are not just talking about wrinkles


How fast you age has to do with “glycation”, “inflammation” and “oxidation”. This is where wheat comes in. Wheat, even whole wheat, causes a “glycation” process or Advanced Glycation End products (AGEs). High blood sugar levels and even moderate high blood sugar dramatically increases the AGEs. Wheat also contains an unusual carbohydrate called Amylopectin-A, which has been known to spike blood sugar levels faster than sugar. All wheat based foods such as bagels, cereals, breads, rolls, muffins and most baked goods contain this Amylopectin-A.

Here are some blood sugar test results after consumption of Amylopectins:

2 slices of whole wheat toast, 45 minutes after, blood sugar spiked from 86 (fasting) to 155.

1 bowl of oatmeal (equivalent grams to 2 slices of whole wheat), 45 minutes after, blood sugar spiked from 86 (fasting) to 112.

Another no-no in wheat breads is gluten, to which most people have a systemic reaction to, although they might not exhibit symptoms at first. It damages the intestinal lining and has been linked to every auto-immune disease that we know. Other damaging chemicals in baked wheat products are acrylamides (also found in French fries and other browned starchy foods such a potato chips).

Acrylamides have been linked to increased cancer risk and aging, so rnuch so, that California requires some companies to list acrylamides on their baked food product labels, such as potato chips, as cancer causing.

Never consume cereals and bread for breakfast. I had been recommending a protein-based breakfast for years. Eggs are a good choice (organic) and protein powders of all sorts. Check for organic, non-soy based, low or no sugar based protein powders, such as whey, pea, goat, spirulina, sprouted greens or even beef proteins. Rice-based protein powders are also acceptable.

We have over 50 protein powders in stock. You can be tested for which one is most compatible with you (test is free of charge) at Holistic Options

There is also a concern of not losing body fat when consuming wheat based products. Wheat based products are high carbohydrate foods which are converted to bad fats.

Cholesterol is also driven up through the consumption of wheat based and other grain products.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia has been linked to the consumption of wheat and grain products, as it causes a protein-sugar linkage in the brain, called glycation.

How do you protect yourself from the damaging effect of wheat

  1. Stop eating wheat based products.
  2. Incorporate a good amount of healthy fats such as avocado, coconut oil, fatty nuts and seeds, olive oil and organic grass fed butter.
  3. Replace most of the carbs with vegetables and healthy complex carbs such as sweet potatoes, yams, squashes.

Another word of caution: Beware that a lot of gluten free , products contain genetically modified corn products. Rice based gluten free products are more acceptable but are still considered a grain, moderation is suggested here

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